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Get Tennis Fit

Chris Ryan is a Sport:Away Tennis Coach and Founder of Baseline Fitness. Chris specialises in racquet specific programmes, weight loss, toning and improving general fitness levels to promote a healthy lifestyle. Chris will be contributing some invaluable tips and techniques to help you get Tennis fit, improve your performance and more importantly keep you injury free.

As a fitness instructor I hear the constant struggle people have in reaching the balance between exercise and good nutrition. Exercise will improve your mood, but cannot make you lose weight without the aid of a healthy balanced diet. I like to treat food as energy. If you do not intend to exercise, you don’t need to eat a full portion! The energy/food that is not used will be stored as fat around the organs and on the outside of the body. Increasing your exercise levels will not only improve your tennis but will also help to improve your strength and stamina on court

  • Try a 10 min cycle or a 6 minute row before heading on court, and burn a few extra calories. You’ll notice how sharper you feel and quicker you move on court
  • Practice your different tennis strokes using a 2-3kg weight instead of the racquet with a controlled action. This can seriously reduce the risk of injuries as well as working up a good sweat
  • A full body workout using resistance machines in the gym can increase your metabolism for up to 48 hours, so couple that with a healthy diet and you’re well onto the path of a leaner, meaner physique for 2014